27 Wightman Street

West Warwick, RI 02893




In 1999 Ron Nagel and his wife Dot took the best gamble of their life and ventured into their own business together as a family. They named this small family run business Nagel Machine Company Incorporated. They opened it in their hometown of Coventry Rhode Island where the both of them grew up and raised their children together. Little did they know, 10 years down the road, Nagel Machine Company would become a major player in the machining field.


When first opening the doors for business in April of 1999, Ron ran the shop by himself. He had 1 Manual lathe, 1 Bridgeport miller, and a surface grinder in a 2,000 square foot building with a small but efficient office which Dot started running the books out of. At the beginning of this exciting adventure, the building fit their needs just right. It was tucked away on a corner street over looking the river. They slowly grew their small family business over the years taking it to what it has now become today. In the year 2000 both of Ron and Dot's children started working for them. Their son Joshua started apprenticing Ron as a machinist, and their daughter Stephanie started working for them as the office manager, delivering and picking up parts and or materials, and even running machines if Ron needed the extra help.


As word of their business grew, Nagel Machine’s clientele stated to grow and they were eventually able to expand to a few more machines and a couple more employees. In mid 2000 Ron was able to purchase his first 2 brand new machines. He was very excited to purchase a CNC Mazak Quickturn 250hp Lathe and a CNC Southwest Industries Prototrak DPM Bed Mill. With the purchase of these new machines, they were able to do bigger production runs and acquire more customers with their expanded capabilities. It helped excel their small family business even further into the machining field, hire and train more employees and really start to fill in their small shop. In 2004 Nagel Machine was then able to purchase another miller, a CNC Southwest Industries Prototrack V5 miller.


Nagel Machine Company started working with the Manufacturing class at the Coventry West Bay Career and Technical School in the School-to-career program. This program mentors high school juniors and seniors in a technical field of their own interest for preparation in the workforce. For the last 10 years Ron has been working closely with these students. Over a 2 year span he teaches them proper techniques in the manufacturing industry. The students have their morning class at the Vo-tech center and for the other half of the day they are sent to Nagel Machine Company where Ron spends the rest of the afternoon with the students helping them in their career field. In 2004 Nagel Machine Company was awarded with "The advancement of student career Preparation" award. One of Ron's students from this program was asked to stay with the company and become an employee. He is still with them today.


Over the years, Ron would slowly grow Nagel Machine even more then he already had by being the face of Nagel Machine. He was out there everyday working with and talking to his customers closely on a 1 to 1 basis. In spring of 2006, he had finally realized that Nagel Machine Company didn’t fit into the small shop they had once started out in. He began to research with the town if he could expand their business on the current property where Nagel Machine was located at the time. Finally after a year of negotiation he decided that they would be best off to find or build a new facility to suit the needs of Ron and Nagel Machine. Ron and Dot looked at many potential sites to decide where the best location for their once small family run business could expand and grow even further then it had.


Ron and Dot finally decided that the Clyde Woods Industrial Park in West Warwick Rhode Island would make the best location and would suit their needs they needed to have met. In 2008 they began working with the developer and soon enough the plan was set into action and they broke ground on the site for the new construction of Nagel Machine Company. Everyone at Nagel Machine was excited to have a bigger, better and more spacious shop to work in. As the building of the new facility was underway Ron went into negotiation with Mazak once again and decided on the purchase of the newest and biggest machine he has today. He purchased a brand new, top of the line CNC Mazak Quickturn 350II Lathe with Mazatrol Matrix Voice Activated Control. With the investment of this new machine he decided to have its own special cement slab poured extra thick for it to stand on. His son Joshua operates the machine today and really enjoys the efficiency of the new lathe. After a few construction bumps, Nagel Machines new facility was ready for them to move into. As the new year of 2009 began, Nagel Machine began their newest venture with their new expanded state of the art facility, an amazing 10,000 square foot steel building.


At Nagel Machine Company we attribute our success to making quality products our customers need and by bringing a family like atmosphere for all of our hard working employees. We make daily deliveries and keep a very low overhead to keep our costs low. We are extremely confident that we have satisfied many of our customers over the years and we will continue to do so in the future. Nagel Machine stands behind our high quality precision work, because your product is our reputation.